Friday, 3 June 2011

Finding my place!

I'm starting to think that I am having mid life crisis's on two year cycles. It was two years ago that I quit my job. It was four years ago that I quit my husband. Now both of these on my part were really good choices to make!!!!

Both of these on the outside looking in were amazing to other people but thats because they were not living them.

My weight is also grouped to how I am feeling - so the fact that I have gained 20 pounds since moving to New Zealand is a good indication to me that I'm not happy!!!! Its funny all I have to do is make a choice that fits and the pounds drop off.

My finances have also been hit by these big life choices but life is not all about money or job or friends or where you live.

So casting my eye back across the last four years;

Its how I define myself that counts.

So Ms FakeBrunette where do you want to be where is your place.

This is my weekend for rambling so I may be writing to myself allot this weekend.


  1. I'll be in and out all weekend, so pretend you're writing to me :-)

  2. hey Doug seems like some things don't change huh