Sunday, 29 March 2009

They shoot horses don't they?

Currently lame
after two days of walking (it's like a death march except they get to take breaks)
Highlight being looking up a cliff face knowing we had lost the path and would just have to climb/scamble it
sleet while being on the moors

Luckerly the weather improved and sunday was dales with loads of new born lambs spring everywhere

So.... in agony got a taxi to work

Friday, 27 March 2009

her love haiku

she fell for him fast
not understanding how or why
he cradles her heart

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

does this make happiness

Learn from yesterday
live for today
hope for tomorrow

It was randomly written on something
I am mostly happy at the moment living on my stolen happiness
I don't want it to go away

Monday, 23 March 2009

currently losing the plot!

Where do I start

The fact that I am work wise breathing through a straw as the work is piled head high at the moment

the fact that I nearly spent 8 hours traveling yesterday

the disturbed sleep from the cat trying to sit on my head to wake me so I would give her a cuddle - it was cold and windy outside she did in the end settle down next to my pillow

or the fact that you make me crazy (sorto in a good way) but not sure if it's at all healthy to want something so much that you can't have

the fact that they were arguing 3 deep round my desk this morning and it wasn't even 8am

getting a five minute breather

and have been told that ladies don't floss their teeth in public ?? go figure

Friday, 20 March 2009


currently being offered
last time they wouldn't let me go
wondering whether to apply again and jumpm ship in this very shakey economy
all the balls are up in the air
I have nothing to lose really scary huh

Thursday, 19 March 2009

should of ran while we could

too late to pack up
words said now as we both sit
stare at the page love

On a comedy note
BCMan wasn't amused when I said I was busy until easter
I am walking every weekend

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

being green - true confession

publically I am seen as being very enviromental friendly
I walk everywhere
buy environmentally friendly products
but I must confess
the batteries in my vibrator are not rechargable

feel better for that confession


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

thank fk I'm no longer running an Irish bar

Things to be greatful for huh
Happy Paddies day
you papish . . . . yup I've heard all the insults

a reply in 17

by hurting you dear
I am hurting my self too
you are more to me

Saturday, 14 March 2009

breaking all my own rules and sperm in a yogurt pot

I have broken the fundermental rules that I have always stood by.
In biblical terms I am coveting my neighbours ass (well not my neighbours, but you get the picture).
An affair of words

So yes I spend alot of time argueing with myself

I am on a rollercoaster of moods at the moment

On a comedy note my lovelies my close friend had her baby and at the same time offered up her partners sperm to yours truely.
Alas I declined I don't think the world is ready for us creating our own villiage of the dammed with all the children looking the same or . . . . all of us moving into one big house together (big love style) although we could all cope I am very easy to live with apart from the habit of just taking my shoes off . . .

Monday, 9 March 2009

explaination of my head

wanton words pass
from you to me blush
kissing like falling meteors

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Saturday was spent in the usual ripneck speed where I get up early and get the 7:50am train to thr north to tend to my mothers needs.This means cleaning, dealing with paperwork (several long phonecalls tying to sort things out) grocery shopping and so forth.

My mother is not destined to end up as a motivational speaker on the circuit (I would say he dementia and general madness prevent that)

but she took it to another level

I think telling me that I was single barren and heading foe menopause cheered me up no end. Then when I burst into tears said she didn't mean to upset me. Mums you got to love them

Life took a surreal turn which strangely I am used to but when telling others it all seems a bit mad.
I managed to accidently attend 6pm mass (for those worrying I haven't been to comunion for over a year so when push came to shove took a blessing rather than a sip).
This church I thought was deconcerated as I had never seen it open so when I saw lights and heard the bell ringing, stopped to take a photo only to have the bishop invite me to mass. What was more surreal was that it was a full service with only the bishop the priest and the church warden and me in this vast high church. I found the repitation and chanting of scripture relaxing.
Went to a frienda birthday party having made her a neckless which matched the dress she had bought that day (strange but true).
Walked today only seven miles so feeling guite lazy
Getting used to the fact that this may be it